U-handle professional battery brushcutter.


The DSRM-2600 is designed for professional level work. The brushless motor at its heart offers power equivalent to a 25 cm³ petrol engine, combine this with perfect balance and an array of features for comfort and you have a tool that's suited to making light work of big jobs. The sequential 3-step speed control and engine-like throttle lever give precise cutting and have been built for responsiveness that feels just like a petrol powered tool. Weighing in at only 3.7 kg, it's the lightest brushcutter in its class and with a perfect center of balance you have a tool that's extremely maneuverable and comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Petrol like performance.

Petrol like performance.

Features an advanced outer rotor type motor, which is light weight and provides high output comparable to a 25 cm³ engine brushcutter. The rotor generates high dynamic force, just like the flywheel on a petrol engine, which keeps the machine running smoothly and unhindered, even when dealing with long grass or thick brush. 

Lightest in its class.

Lightest in its class.

The DSRM-2600 is lightweight yet robust. In fact, at just 3.7kg, it's the lightest in its class, meaning in terms of power to weight ratio, it out-performs 25 cm³ brushcutters.

Run time.

Run time.

A feature called ECO mode ensures that power is not wasted and is utilised when most needed, giving the DSRM-2600 an estimated run time of around 30 minutes of continuous use on the highest power (with LBP-560-200).

Cele mai bune caracteristici

Light weight

The lightest brushcutter in its class.


Power equivalent to a 25 cm³ petrol engine.

Run time

Extended run times from advanced features.

Detalii despre produs

Diametru tija antrenare (mm) 7.0
Tensiune nominala 50.4
Tip baterie Lithium Ion
Tip arbore Solid shaft
Greutate fara lichide 3.7
Diametrul tijei (mm) 25
Rata de demultiplicare 1.62
Durata functionare (min) High mode: 30, Mid mode 33, Low mode: 46

Alte caracteristici

Model certified or CE
Model certified for RoHS
U handle